Install the Mutiny Client

Step by step instructions for how to install the Mutiny client, a necessary step before you can run any experiments.

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Mutiny's client allows you to identify visitors, render your personalized content and track conversions on your website.


Before diving into the installation, its important to understand a few things about the Mutiny client. Unlike other javascript snippets you may be used to installing, Mutiny's client code shouldn't be installed using something like a tag manager. We have an in depth document here on how the Mutiny client code works and we highly recommend you read that before beginning your installation.

Using a rehydration framework like Gatsby or Next.js? Check out our article here.


Once you understand the specifics of the Mutiny client, its time to get the code installed on your site.

  1. Log into Mutiny:

  2. Click on your name in the bottom left corner to reveal your Mutiny script under "Client". Follow the instructions on the page to add your unique code to your website.

  3. Once your client code is active, you'll see the status change and a list of URLs will populate in the table to indicate where traffic is being collected.

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