How to run an A/B test for all site visitors
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In addition to personalization, you can also use Mutiny to run an A/B test for all of your traffic on any page. If you want to run a test that is audience agnostic to determine the best generic messaging to use on your site, you can use Mutiny by building a segment for "All Traffic".

Here's how to implement this:

Step 1 - Define a new segment (Inbound > Create a personalized experience)

Step 2 - Click "Add Attribute"

Step 3 - Select "All Traffic" under the "Split" section

Step 4 - Click "Review and personalize", give your audience a name ("All Traffic" is a good one 😉)

Step 5 - Click "Create an Experience"

Step 6 - Choose the type of experience you want to run (e.g. page content, banner, etc.)

Step 7 - Finally, you'll choose the URL(s) where you want your A/B test to run and build out your test in the Experience Editor just as you would for a personalized test!

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