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How do I know if IP enrichment makes sense for me?
How do I know if IP enrichment makes sense for me?

Your decision to personalize audiences based on IP enrichment signals will depend on how much of your audience you can identify.

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IP enriched data can give you many valuable signals about your visitors that you can use to create personalized experiences. With Clearbit Reveal, you can target audiences based on actionable firmographic attributes such as industry, company size, and revenue. 

To determine if this will be a worthwhile route for you, you can run a match test with Clearbit Reveal. You send them a list of your IPs and they will let you know the % match rate and a breakout of your audiences for those matched. We recommend sending 10,000 IPs (if you get a lot of traffic, you may want to provide a random sampling of IPs). You can gather these IPs from server logs or certain marketing platforms.

If you can match at least 20% of your audience, this will likely be a great option for you. 

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