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Creating a great personalization case study
Creating a great personalization case study
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Case studies are a great way to promote an experimental culture within your org and grow your personalization program. Here are the pieces that make up a great personalization case study:


What inspired your experiment? Quantitative and qualitative feedback? Personas? Use cases? Help your reader understand the hypothesis you were testing so they can contextualize the results you are about to share.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Describing the test you ran is never as clear for someone to envision as showing them side by side visuals. Make sure you showcase the control version and the personalized version with annotations showcasing exactly what changed. This will make the experiment crystal clear to your reader. Need to get a screenshot of the control version? Here's a quick trick! 

Results & Impact

The best part - sharing what happened! Keep it focused on your primary KPI so your reader doesn't get lost. Bar graphs can be a nice way to tell this story. Frame this within the larger portrait of your business by annualizing the incremental leads you will generate with a personalized experiences vs generic. If this is a big number, you'll want to shout it from the rooftops!

Learnings & Next Steps

Take a step back to think beyond lift and lead numbers and focus on learnings. What does the result suggest about this customer segment? How can that learning drive future iterations? Every experiment you run should lead you to at least one new strategy you want to try out. 

Most importantly..

If you have a great case study, we want to hear about it! We love to hear about our customers' success stories with personalization and the impact it's driving for their business, so don't be a stranger! Always feel free to forward those along to

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