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Using the Mutiny Experience Editor
Creating Experiences in the Mutiny Editor
Creating Experiences in the Mutiny Editor

Quick overview of our WYSIWYG editor for building your website and landing page personalization experiences.

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With Mutiny's WYSIWYG editor, you can easily create personalized experiences in minutes. Here are some of the key features of our editor.

1. Change or remove an element

To change an element, all you need to do is click on the element, edit in the side panel, and hit save. In this example, I am changing part of the headline. 

To remove an element, click Layout > Remove.

2. Target multiple URLs

The URL in the top left will determine the page that loads in the editor. If you want to include additional pages to be part of the same experience, you can add those with regex matching. The most common use case for this is navigation personalization, where you will want the modifications to apply globally. More info here.

3. See how your experience looks across devices

Click on "Desktop" in the top pane to toggle between device types and make sure everything renders exactly the way you expect. 

4. Make changes to interactive elements

You may want to modify elements that are not immediately available on page load, but require interaction to see. Examples of this are modals that open, accordion sections that expand, or hamburger menus. Click the "Interact" button at the top to enable interaction so you can access these elements. You will need to turn this off to continue editing once you have accessed the element you want to change. 

5. Preview your experience

Feel confident before you launch by previewing the experience in your browser. Click "Preview" in the top right to see your experience in action before going live to your segment. Since the code is not live on your site until you launch the test, you will need to be logged in to preview the experience.

6. View a summary of your changes

Click "[X] Personalizations" in the top right to see a summary of the changes you have made. The number on the icon shows how many changes you have made.

9. Wrapping up

When you are finished with your modifications you have two options - Save & Exit or Launch. If you are ready to go live, hit Launch. If you need a little more time, hit Save & Exit. 

Note: If you need to undo personalizations after you've created them, this article will help!

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