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Using Event-Based Conversion Tracking in Your Front-End Code
Using Event-Based Conversion Tracking in Your Front-End Code

If you do not use Segment, the most accurate way to track conversions in Mutiny is by firing a Javascript call in your front-end code.

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The most precise ways to track conversions is either with a Segment event, Google Tag Manager tracking, or via a Javascript call when your conversion event happens. This article will show you how to track events in your front-end code. You can find detailed instructions under "Track Event" conversions on your Conversions page.

Step 1 - View implementation instructions
Click on Conversions in the left hand panel and click the + New Conversion CTA (top right). Click on "Track Event" to view your instructions.ย 

Step 2 - Follow instructions to track on the same website or different website
If your conversions happen on a page where the Mutiny script is already implemented, follow the first set of instructions.

If your conversions happen on a subdomain where the Mutiny script is not implemented (for example, if your signup form sits within your product), use the second set of instructions.

Note: A subdomain has a prefix before your root URL host. For example, is a subdomain of

If your conversion event happens on a completely different website (for example,, please contact us at and we will help you get your conversion tracking set up.

You can track different events separately in Mutiny.

To track different events separately, you can give them each a unique name. Here's an example of what a conversion event in the top nav vs hero might look like:

window.mutiny.client.trackConversion({ name: 'lead-nav' })
window.mutiny.client.trackConversion({ name: 'lead-hero' })

Step 3 - Confirm tracking volume in Mutiny

Once your tracking code is live, check your Conversions page to confirm the data is flowing in and approximately the correct volume. It is normal to see some variance between platforms due to differences in time zone and impression tracking. If you are seeing a large variance you cannot explain, please feel free to contact Mutiny support.

Don't be a stranger
Setting up your conversion events correctly is crucial to finding the best messaging for each segment, and for receiving meaningful and actionable recommendations from Mutiny. If you have any questions on the best way to set up conversions, please reach out to us via intercom or at

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