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How should I measure my experiment?
How should I measure my experiment?

Select the right conversion metric to determine if your test is a winner. Report on leads generated wherever possible.

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Mutiny makes measuring your experience performance really easy. Check out this guide for guidance on how to set up your conversion events.

Whenever possible, you should measure impact to leads generated. After all, you want to see if your experience is making a difference to your bottom line.

The specific type of conversion event may depend on the type of experience. For example, if your experience promotes a piece of content, you may want to track leads generated from the content download form directly.

What if I want to track more than 1 type of conversion?

By default, Mutiny will track a deduped view of any conversion event on an experience. That means if a visitor takes multiple actions that are defined as a conversion events, they will be counted as only one converting visitor in your test results.

If you want to see the performance of a specific conversion type on an experience, you can use the conversion filter options to select individual conversion events to track impact to different metrics. You can click "Save filters" to save the conversion events most relevant to the experience hypothesis.

How long will my test take?

When you build your segment in Mutiny, it will give you an estimate for how long the test will take to run.

If you have a very low conversion rate and/or low traffic volumes, it may take an unreasonable amount of time for you to reach a significant result for your experiment audience. 

Here are some basics on test duration relationships:

  • Lower traffic volumes require longer durations

  • Smaller lifts require longer durations

  • Lower conversion rates require longer durations

What happens if my estimated test duration is too long?

If your test will take more than a couple months to reach significance, you should explore some alternatives to help you get a read on your test sooner. Here are a few tactics:

  1. Widen your segment definition to cover more traffic volume (strategy permitting)

  2. Make bolder test changes to try to reach a higher lift

  3. Adjust your measurement metric to something up-funnel with a higher rate (e.g. looking at the rate of customers who start sign up instead of complete sign up as a leading indicator)

  4. Promote your experience to 100% of visitors. This is particularly helpful for ABM strategies where you won't want anyone to see a non-personalized experience.

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