5 Tips for your CTA

Trying to personalize your CTAs? Keep in mind these best practices.

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A bad personalization is much worse than your average best optimized generic experience. Keep in mind these guidelines when you are planning for CTA changes.

Tip #1 - Keep it to the point. Shorter CTA copy tends to outperform longer copy.

Tip #2 - Use active language rather than passive language. Active language examples: "start now", "register and save", "sign up today". Passive language examples: "learn more", "view pricing", "see details".

Tip #3 - Less is more. When you clutter your page with lots of CTAs, it tends to lead to fewer conversions rather than more.

Tip #4 - Create visual hierarchy. The CTA represents your goal for your visitors. Lead them toward conversion by making the button very obvious and using page copy to direct toward the CTA. White space and visual contrast help give more attention to your CTA.

Tip #5 - Make sure it's above the fold. Content below the fold will always convert at a lower rate than content above the fold. 

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