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Successful personalization requires a deep understanding of your customer segmentation and how to effectively message to each group.

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To effectively personalize your site, you need to identify how your customers and their requirements are different, and how to effectively message and market to each group.

The most impactful personalization teams include an acquisition lead, product/content marketing lead, sales rep/advisor, and a technical resource. 

Acquisition Lead (~4 hrs/week)

Typically, the acquisition lead is the primary user of Mutiny, as they own the lead volume on your web properties. They are responsible for segment prioritization and working with the rest of the team to create and measure personalization experiments.

Product/Content Marketing Lead (~2 hrs/month)

This person tends to have the best understanding of your customer segmentation and how their needs vary. They will help you create great messaging that helps each segment understand how your product helps them.

Sales rep/advisor (1-2 hours ad hoc)

Personalization is about building relationships and trust, and effective sales reps have mastered this art. They have the most front-line experience of how your messaging will change depending on your customer segmentation and can be one of your best allies in creating personalized experiences. We particularly recommend engaging sales reps in Subject Matter Expert interviews, which are helpful to gain full understanding of your audiences' pain points and use cases. You will conduct at least 1 SME interview with a sales rep from your team during your onboarding program.

Technical Resource (1-2 hours as needed)

While Mutiny was built to enable marketers without the need for engineering, there are a few configuration steps that may require technical support. To get started, you will need to implement Mutiny's javascript in the <head> of your page and set up your conversion tracking. 

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