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Tracking Calendly Meetings Booked
Tracking Calendly Meetings Booked

Most ABM campaigns are measured by number of meetings booked. Mutiny integrates directly with embedded Calendly forms to track meetings.

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When creating personalized landing pages for your ABM program, the typical CTA on the page pushes visitors to book a meeting with their rep.

If your reps use Calendly, Mutiny will track those meetings booked as long as the form is embedded on the page.

Conversions are not tracked when meetings are booked directly from email or on a Calendly hosted URL.

Embedding Calendly on your page

To use Calendly on your landing page, you will need to embed your Calendly link on your website or landing page. You can do this either by adding the Calendly snippet to your page's HTML or by inserting it onto your page in Mutiny. Either way, you will be able to change this link out to match the visiting account with their assigned rep's Calendly link.

Configuring Calendly conversions

Click on "Conversions" from the left hand pane to view the Conversions page. Then Click the blue "+ New Conversion" button in the top right hand corner. Click the blue "See more types" link in the bottom left corner of the modal and select "Calendly".

Give the conversion event a name and enter the URL the embedded form is on. To track multiple pages, use the blue "Use multiple URLs" link in the bottom right to set URL condition rules to track multiple pages.

Hit Save and Mutiny will begin tracking those meetings scheduled!

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