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Mutiny + AB Testing Tools
Mutiny + AB Testing Tools

Many people use Mutiny alongside their AB testing platform. Here is an overview to make sure you are using both effectively.

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Very often, people use Mutiny alongside other AB testing/optimization platforms. Here is everything you need to know to manage your personalization alongside optimization experiments.

What is the impact of using Mutiny with optimization tools?

Mutiny’s modifications will apply on top of your optimization platform experiences.
These have the potential to overlap and impact one another both in user experience and from a data perspective. 

Data impact

The data impact in Mutiny will be minimized due to the randomization in both tools. The data impact of Mutiny in your optimization tool will be further minimized since not all traffic will qualify for personalization. 

User experience

The best practice to manage the user experience while experimenting in different platforms is to ensure you are not modifying the same elements on the same page in both tools. 

You can use Mutiny’s preview function to force yourself into the personalized experience. You can append ?mutiny=false to force yourself into the control version. Additionally, you can enter “window.mutiny.experiences” in the console on your site to confirm the segments and experiences for which you have qualified.

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