4 Tips for Executing Your ABM Campaign

4 tips for getting the most eyes on your personalized landing pages for target accounts

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Once you have created your personalized landing pages, you need a strong campaign strategy to get your target accounts to view the pages. We have a few tips to help you maximize personalized page views.

1) Keep the outreach content short 

The goal of your outreach is to bring your target accounts back into your website or landing page and drive them to book a meeting. The best way to get clicks to the landing page is to keep your content short and move the value you would normally provide in email to the landing page itself.

We have seen the highest click through rate come from short messages like

"{first}, as {title} at {company} I imagine you're struggling to {problem you solve}. I created this page for you to show you how we can help: {mutiny link}"

No one wants to read a novel in an email. Try to craft your messaging to be less than 200 words. Ideally, between 50 to 125 words.

The goes the same for your email subject line: less is more! 

2) Expose the URL

Don't forget that your personalized landing page also has a personalized URL. Let your prospect see the full unique URL that you created for them - this is your first way to show and not tell that the experience has been personalized. We have seen 2-3x higher clickthrough rates when the personalized URL is displayed and prospects can see their name in it than if you hide it behind hyperlinked text.

3) Multi-channel approach

Everyone has their own communication preference, and you need to try all channels to find which works for each contact. Utilize LinkedIn messages, marketing emails, sales emails, and text to get your personalized content in front of your target accounts.

4) Follow up

People are busy. Attention spans are short. Persistence is key! 

Optimal campaigns are 5-9 touch points, across all channels, spread across over 2-3 weeks. 

Word of warning: don't overwhelm your prospect with too many touch points in too short of time. 1-2 messages every 2-3 days is enough to be persistent and top of mind but not too much to be a pest. 

Don't be a stranger

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