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Getting Started with Mutiny
Getting Started with Mutiny - Outbound Personalization
Getting Started with Mutiny - Outbound Personalization

Follow this guide to get up and running with outbound personalization.

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1) Implement Mutiny on your landing page(s)

Add the Mutiny JS snippet to the head of your landing pages to activate them for personalization, tracking conversions, and collecting data to be used to inform segment recommendations. You should include the snippet on any web property you want to personalize and any page where conversion events occur.

2) Add your integrations

Connect Salesforce to use as your data source for creating outbound campaigns. Alternatively, you can use data from a CSV (no integration needed). 

3) Set up your conversion tracking

Most outbound campaign CTA is linked to a reps calendar, such as Calendly or Chilipiper. If you have a longer sales cycle / larger deal size, your campaign may be more focused on engagement than booking meetings, in which case your CTA may be a resource view such as a relevant case study.


If you use an embedded Calendly form on the page (like we do in our campaign), Mutiny can pick up meetings booked as conversion events. This is the easiest way to track meeting conversions in Mutiny. To set up Calendly conversions, check out this guide.

Chili Piper
Chili Piper is another popular meeting booking tool, but does not offer the same embedded form capabilities as Calendly does. Mutiny is therefore not able to pick up meeting bookings as direct conversion events. If you have a Segment event that fires on Chili Piper conversion, you can set that as a conversion event for the campaign. Otherwise, you should use Form or Link tracking to measure button clicks. (More info)

Thank You Page or Resource Page

If your CTA is a form signup that goes to a dedicated Thank You page after the user signs up, you can simply add the Thank You page URL as a Page View conversion. Just be sure the Mutiny script is running on that page!

If you want to track views of a resource page as your CTA, you can use the Page View conversion tracking option, as well.

Resource CTA

If your CTA is a resource where the Mutiny script does not run, such as a PDF download or a link to a zoom webinar signup, use Form or Link tracking to measure button clicks.

4) Establish your personalization team

Identify who will be part of your personalization team. The most successful personalization programs include an acquisition lead, product/content marketing, sales rep/advisor, and a tech resource to help with some light initial implementation.

5) Plan your execution strategy

Once you are set up, check out these tips for how to make sure you get eyes on your personalized pages.

6) Launch your first outbound campaign

Once your implementation is complete, you're ready to create your first outbound campaign. Check out our guide here.

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