Integrating with Mutiny API

Pass first party data to Mutiny to use any variable for personalization, connect to SFDC, and access role and seniority targeting

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With Mutiny's Identify API, you can pass any context you have about a visitor directly into Mutiny. You can also use the Mutiny Identify API to enrich email signups with Clearbit or Salesforce.

How it works

When a user signs up, signs in, or loads a page (wherever their email is accessible), you can call the Mutiny API to pass their email to Mutiny. 

If you use Clearbit enrichment, Mutiny will use your API key to run the enrichment. This will provide you firmographic and role-based context to create segments from in the Segment Creator. With Clearbit enrichment, in addition to the Reveal values like industry and company size, you will also have role and seniority available. 

Sending user emails to Mutiny will also allow you to join the visitor to any Salesforce data you have in your Leads, Contacts, and/or Opportunities table. You will then be able to create segments based on any Salesforce data you have. 

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