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Using Segment Events to Track Conversions
Using Segment Events to Track Conversions

If you use Segment, the best way to track conversions in Mutiny is by adding your Segment events directly. This article will show you how.

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Tracking conversions using Segment events is the easiest and most accurate way to measure conversion events. To add Segment events as conversions in Mutiny, you must first complete your Mutiny integration with Segment.

Once your integration is complete, follow the steps below to to add your Segment events to Mutiny. You should add events that represent leads generated, such as signup or book demo events. 

Note: Conversions can also be used to create segments in Mutiny. You can also add events you want to use as triggers to segment and personalize your visitor's experience.

How to add your Segment events as conversions

Step 1 - Add new conversion
Click on Conversions in the left hand panel and click the blue + New Conversion CTA (top right).

Step 2 - Select "Segment" and select the Segment events you want to track in Mutiny

Step 3 - Save!

Hit Save and you are all set! You can add as many conversion configurations as are relevant and track them separately or in aggregate.

You can view your configured conversions and add new ones on the Conversions page at any time.


If you have having issues with the integration, check out this troubleshooting guide for areas you can check.

Technical notes

  1. Events need to be associated with userIds (known or anonymous) by calling identify.

  2. Event properties are not supported.

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