Creating Grouped Personalizations for Outbound Campaigns

When creating your personalized outbound campaign, you may make modifications based on a particular data value.

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While the Mutiny Experience Editor for Outbound Campaigns is almost identical to the Experience Editor for Inbound Experiences, there is one very important and very powerful difference. Outbound campaigns have the option of applying personalizations to a group of contacts or accounts who match a particular attribute value. 

For example, you may wish to apply a certain personalization for all B2B contacts and apply a different personalization for all B2C contacts. Or perhaps you want to remove a section of your page for startups but retain the section for enterprises. Mutiny's "Personalize by..." selector gives you the flexibility to set up your campaign exactly the way you need. 

Note: You can only personalize elements by one variable, so if you'd like to personalize by a combination of attributes, you should combine these into a single data field. For example, if you want to personalize by industry and title, create a combination field in your data that includes both values.  

How to use the "Personalize by..." selector

Step 1 - Select the element you wish to personalize

In the Mutiny editor, click on the element you want to personalize. 

Step 2 - Select the variable you want to personalize by

Use the "Personalize By..." dropdown to configure changes for a particular value within one of your columns. For example, you may want to show different messaging for all contacts in B2B vs contacts in B2C. 

The Personalize by... dropdown will show all columns that have values that appear at least twice in your data. For example, if I have a CSV with contact level data, "email" is a column that is unique for every account and will not show up as an option in the Personalize by... dropdown. 

Step 3 - Create grouped modifications
After selecting the value you want to personalize, change the content accordingly. You may change the text, images, links, or remove the element entirely. Once you are finished, click save and select the next value from the Personalize by... dropdown. 

Values you have personalized will show a purple dot next to them. Any value you don't create a personalization for will receive the default content.


For our own outbound campaign, we create a grouped personalization based on sales size tier. In our data file, we have a column called "Sales Size Tier" and is marked as low, mid, or high based on the number of sales reps the company has. We change the messaging dependent on the size, and dynamically insert the raw number of reps in the content. 

Our default page has appropriate messaging for the "low" tier, so we do not configure any modifications for that value. To fully illustrate the example, here are the three versions of content for that particular element.




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