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Using the Mutiny Experience Editor
Disable Pop-ups While Editing Your Experience
Disable Pop-ups While Editing Your Experience

If you have pop-ups or gated content on your page, this guide will show you how to modify the content behind the modal.

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Sometimes pop-ups, modals, or page gates can get in the way of creating your personalized experiences on the underlying page. Here's a hack to get around that.

Step 1 - Select the modal
Load the page in the Mutiny experience editor. When the modal appears, select it in Mutiny. You may need to use the up arrow to select the parent element to make sure you've selected the entire modal.

Step 2 - Remove the modal
When you have the full modal selected, click Layout > Remove Element and click Save. 

Step 3 - Configure your personalizations
Configure your personalized experience on the underlying page as you normally would.

Step 4 - Revert the modal removal
After you've configured all your page personalizations, click on your Personalizations summary (the number in the purple circle in the top right), select the change that removed the modal, and click "Revert"

Step 5 - Save & launch
Save your changes and launch your experience!

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