Changing Logos or Images

Visual cues have a large impact on personalization, so changing your logos or images can be very impactful. Here are some tips.

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Personalizing logos is one of the most popular use cases and generally has a large positive impact on conversion rate. You can also change product images to show relevant features to different audiences and swap out images for testimonials from similar customers.

Mutiny allows you to either swap out the image link URL or upload the image directly through the Mutiny Experience Editor. Use the HTML Attributes Styles to adjust the scaling of the images.

Here's what it looks like in action:


Step 1 - Select the image to replace
In the visual editor, click on the image you want to replace

Step 2 - Upload the new image
If the image is saved on your device, click on "Upload an image" or drag and drop to upload your image. If the image file is hosted somewhere, paste the URL in the source box.

Step 3 - Use HTML Attribute Styles to adjust image scaling
The image you uploaded may look stretched because it's a different size than the original image you are replacing. Click HTML Attributes and adjust the Styles settings until the scaling looks correct. 

Try typing width:100%; to start and adjust as needed. More styling options here.

Step 4 - Save & launch!
When your new image looks good, click save and launch your personalized experience.

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