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Add Styling to Part of a Text Block
Add Styling to Part of a Text Block

Learn how to change font styling or text color to part of an element while leaving other words in the section untouched.

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Mutiny allows you to add styling to elements using the preset options under the text box (font size, boldness, font color, alignment) or using the HTML Attributes Styles box. You may want to apply styles to only part of element rather than applying to the whole element. Here's how.

Step 1 - Select the element that contains the text you want to style
In the Mutiny Experience Editor, click on the text section that contains the text you want to style. 

Step 2 - Add HTML tags
In the Text/HTML box on the right, put your cursor before the first word you want to style and add HTML styling tags. Here are a few examples:

Make the font color red:

<font color="red"> red text </font>

Make the text bold:

<strong> bold text </strong>

Step 3 - Save & launch

Save your changes and launch your styled personalizations!

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