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Why is the Text Editor Read Only?
Why is the Text Editor Read Only?

Understand why certain elements may show up as "read only" in the text editor and how to resolve it.

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Mutiny allows you to edit any HTML element on your website using our visual editor. You can make these alterations by clicking on the element and applying the changes you wish to make. HTML elements are typically nested within other HTML elements. The nested elements are called "children" and the element they are nested within is called the "parent."

When you apply a personalization, Mutiny replaces the HTML. If you then select a parent of that element (a larger section that contains the element you have already personalized), you will see that the Text/HTML box shows up as Read Only:

The element is Read Only because the element selected is a parent of a child element that has already been personalized. Since Mutiny replaces the HTML for personalizations, this creates a conflict. 

To resolve the conflict, hover over the tool tip (the blue question mark to the bottom left of the text editor) to see why the element is Read Only and deconflict the modifications. 

There are two ways to resolve the issue and it may depend on what you are trying to do. 

  1. Make all modifications on child elements, individually. In the example above, select the headline, make changes, hit save, and then select the text below the headline and make your changes, and so on. This will contain each change to its own personalization. This is the simplest and least error prone method and should be used whenever possible. 

  2. Make all modifications within the parent element. Remove any child modifications (click on the blue link(s) in the tool tip or select from the drop down of Personalizations in the top right and click Revert in the top right and click Save). 

Then, select the parent element and make all your modifications to all children within the Text/HTML editor box and hit save. This will contain all your changes to a single Personalization. 

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