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Change Link Routing to Personalize Your CTAs
Change Link Routing to Personalize Your CTAs

Personalize the clickthrough destination and link text on CTAs on your site.

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Your Calls to Action (CTA) are crucial to driving conversion on your site. Personalizing your CTAs can have a large impact on conversion rate. See below for some ideas for CTA personalization. 

To personalize your CTAs, open the Mutiny editor and click on the link you want to personalize. Using the editor options in the right hand panel, personalize the text and the location. 

For example, I may want to change my CTA for Marketing Qualified Leads to go directly to a page where the lead can book a meeting with a sales rep. To do so, click on the link in the editor and update the Text and Location in the right hand pane.



Here are a few ideas for meaningful CTA personalization:

Personalize by company size or stage, e.g.,

  • "Free signup" or "Free trial" for startups

  • "Personalized demo" or "Speak to a sales rep" for enterprise

Personalize by stage of funnel, e.g.,

  • "Read case study" for awareness stage

  • "Learn more" for consideration stage

  • "Request demo" for evaluation stage

  • "Sign up" for decision stage

Personalize for customers, e.g.,

  • "Try our ChatBot next" for upsell

  • "Join us at Best Conf" for event marketing

  • "Sign up for Intro to Personalization" for content marketing

  • "Refer a friend today" for referrals

Personalize by industry, e.g.,

  • "Learn how Mutiny helps Financial Companies" for financial companies

  • "Read Carta's case study" for B2Bs

  • "Speak to an ecommerce specialist" for consumer discretionary companies

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