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View All the Configured Personalizations in an Experience
View All the Configured Personalizations in an Experience

Keep track of all the personalized modifications you have applied to elements on your page from the Mutiny editor.

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Remind yourself of the personalizations you've already configured by reviewing the list of personalizations shown in the Mutiny editor. This is helpful while you are creating an experience, and after you've launched to remember all the elements that were personalized in the experience.

To view your personalizations, open the experience in the Mutiny editor. In the top right corner, there is a purple circle with a number and the word "Personalizations." The number represents the number of personalized elements in the experience. 

Click on the list to see a drop down menu of every applied personalization. Click on each item to see the personalization details. The modified element will have a purple box around it and the personalized modification can be seen in the right hand panel.

In the above example, there are 10 personalized elements and hovering over the second item in the list shows which element it represents.

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