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Compatibility with Your Javascript Libraries
Compatibility with Your Javascript Libraries

Tuning how the Mutiny client interacts with modern Javascript frameworks including React, Angular, and Next.js.

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Modern websites or frameworks such as React only update parts of the page instead of fetching an entire webpage on every interaction. To make Mutiny compatible with these frameworks, by default we listen for changes on the page and reapply personalization (if necessary) when the page is changed. 

Sometimes reapplying these changes may conflict with a different Javascript library. This may result in dead links or flickering as Mutiny and another library compete to change the page. You should always preview your experiences and functionality before launching to ensure optimal performance. 

If you notice an issue like this, try unselecting "Watch for changes" in the "Advanced Options" menu in the Mutiny editor. This feature, when checked, will continually reapply personalizations as the page changes. When unchecked, Mutiny will only load the personalization once when the page is loaded. You can toggle this feature for each personalization you've configured in your experience. 

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