Integrating with Slack

Connect Mutiny with Slack to get real time notifications and summary messages on how your personalization experiences & campaigns are doing

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Before you start

Create a new public channel in your Slack workspace to receive Mutiny alerts.

Setting up the integration

Step 1 - Activate your integration with Slack

Select Integrations from the left side pane and click on Slack

On the next page, click "Authorize Slack". 

Step 2 - Review permissions and select your default Slack channel

At this stage, you'll either see a screen to complete the integration or you'll be blocked by Slack because you don't have the ability to add apps.

If you can integrate apps, then you'll see a screen where Slack lists out all the permissions Mutiny's app requires. Please review them. 

Note: One of the permissions is to view email addresses for workspace members. This is being asked to allow us to map account owners in your CRM to their Slack handle to send them an alert for any activity from their named account on the website.

If you are not able to integrate yourself, you'd need to request your account admin to do it for you. Simply invite them to Mutiny and have them go through the flow for integrating with Slack on your behalf.

Next, select the default Slack channel where you'd like Mutiny's bot to post messages and notifications.

Hit "Allow" once you have chosen the channel. You'll be redirected back to Mutiny and see this screen where you can choose the type of messages you'd like to receive

Step 3 - Enable notifications and customize the delivery channel

You're now able to choose the type of messages you'd like to receive.

For each notification you enable, you can customize the channel to which the notification should be sent. Open the "Slack channel" drop-down and select your desired channel. Mutiny currently supports sending notifications to any public Slack channel, including channels created by Mutiny that you have been invited to.

🎉That's it! You will now start receiving real time notifications and summary messages on how your personalization experiences & campaigns are doing, right in Slack.

Step 4 - Review Slack channel(s) and invite team members

If you go to your company's Slack and then open the channel that you selected in the previous step, you'll see a message confirming Mutiny has been added to the channel.

Now that we have confirmed that everything is set up correctly, it's time to invite your team members to this channel. You can do so by clicking on the icon at top left.

Step 5 - [Optional] Invite your Mutiny CSM into your channel(s)

Your CSM wants to cheer along with you and collaborate with your team in real time!

To give access to your Mutiny CSM, click on "share this channel outside your org" on the invite team member modal.

And then copy the resulting link and email it to your Mutiny CSM.

Once your CSM clicks on the link, it'll send an email to the admin of your Slack workspace seeking approval to share the channel with Mutiny's team. Once they approve, they will be added to the channel.

That's it! You are now integrated with Slack. You will get notifications about your experiences and be able to download data from your Mutiny experiences (the data will download in an authenticated link that expires. To save as a CSV, right click and Save Page As, then change the file format to CSV and save)

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