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Integrating with Google Analytics
Integrating with Google Analytics

Track Mutiny segments and experiences in Google Analytics.

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This article is specifically for integrating with Universal Analytics which Google sunset on July 1st, 2023. For information on our Google Analytics 4 integration click here.

Mutiny will send events to your Google Analytics instance whenever a visitor sees a personalized experience. This enables you to deep dive into personalization impact on engagement metrics such as time on site, number of page views, and bounce rate.

How to activate the integration

Step 1 - Go to the integrations page

Step 2 - Click on the Google Analytics tile

Step 3 - Toggle the activation switch on the bottom of the card

How it works

Mutiny fires a Google Analytics event every time a visitor triggers an impression for a live experience, questionnaire, or banner.

For an event to be triggered, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The visitor must go to a URL with a live experience, questionnaire, or banner

  2. The visitor must fall into the segment for the experience, questionnaire, or banner

  3. The visitor must not have "Do Not Track" set in their browser


You have an experience running on for industry "Information Technology." A Google Analytics event will fire only for visitors who match the segment definition where industry = "Information Technology" and views

Event definitions

The following sections list out the schemas for the events.

For active personalized pages, redirects, and campaigns, Mutiny triggers a Google Analytics event with the following fields:

eventCategory: "mutinyExperienceQualify"

eventAction: the name of the segment, i.e., "Investor Use Case (Behavioral)"

eventLabel: the type of impression, either "personalized" or "control"

For components, Mutiny triggers a Google Analytics event with the following fields:

eventCategory: “mutinyQuestionnaireQualify”

eventAction: the name of the component, i.e., "affirm_case_study"

eventLabel: the type of impression either "questionnaire" or "control" (control is only possible for survey components)

Configuring segments in Google Analytics

To set up segments in Google Analytics, in any Audience View, click “Add Segment”. Configure the conditions using the fields and values above. For example: 

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