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Getting Started with Mutiny
Mutiny's Onboarding Experience
Mutiny's Onboarding Experience

What to expect from the onboarding process

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This article will give a comprehensive look at how to:

  • Set up your Mutiny account

  • Integrate your data from Clearbit, Segment, Salesforce and Marketo

  • Establish conversion tracking for your site

  • Bring your team in on the fun!

Getting started with Mutiny is as simple as copying and pasting a prewritten line of script code onto your website, then filling in the details we need to help you dazzle each of your visitors and boost your conversion rates.

Getting Started

You should be able to knock out this process in 15 minutes or less! Once you receive our welcome email, you can begin your Mutiny onboarding with a single click. 

Pressing the "Get started with Mutiny" button will launch the onboarding page.

Mutiny's welcome email

Step 1 — Applying the Mutiny Client Code

We'll generate a unique script just for you, which you'll need to add to your website's code in order to begin personalizing. 

This is as easy as clicking on the box containing the script to copy the line of code to your clipboard and pasting it into your website's <head> tag. Doing so will activate the Mutiny client, giving you everything you’ll need customize the web experience right at your fingertips. 

A screenshot of the Mutiny onboarding experience

If you prefer to leave code implementations to your developer, you can press the "Send this to your developer" button on the bottom of the page and a box will appear for you to enter their email address. In this case, we'll deliver these instructions to their inbox so they can complete this step for you.

If you've completed this step on your own, continue to the next step by clicking the blue "I did it!" button. 

For more information about how all this magic really works, take a look at these articles linked on the above page:

Step 2 — Integrating your Data 

Once we’ve learned more about your awesome company, you can integrate your data from Clearbit Reveal, Segment, Marketo and Salesforce.

You can also set up your Slack channel to get real-time and daily/weekly roll up reports.

Follow the steps to give authorization for each service in order to seamlessly link all of your information to Mutiny. This will be the key to shaping your targeted marketing campaigns.

A screenshot of the Clearbit integration setup in Mutiny

If Mutiny doesn’t currently offer support for the CRM you’re using, we’ve got you covered — you'll be able to upload a CSV of your target account data later on when you create an outbound campaign. 

Step 3 — Track Conversions

Setting up accurate conversion tracking is necessary to give you insight into the impact of your personalizations. To learn more about how you can do this with Segment or the Mutiny SDK, as well as some temporary workarounds in case you aren't able to use either right now, read through our overview of how to track conversions in Mutiny 

Things can start to get a little bit more intricate here, so we recommend sending this step to your developer and having them set it up for you. Again, there’s a handy button provided that will email them in-depth instructions on how to implement conversion tracking on your websites.

A screenshot of the "track conversions" page in the Mutiny onboarding experience

Step 4 — Invite your Team

Woohoo! All of the dirty work is done. Now comes the fun part: letting your team in on the action. We’ll bring the box, and you bring the email addresses of each team member you’d like to invite to your Mutiny account. If you’d like to stick to a party of one for now, that’s fine too — we won’t judge.

What's Next

Check out your Recommended Playbooks

Once you’ve completed the onboarding process, you can move on to the fun stuff. This is when you'll get those coveted playbooks we mentioned earlier, which will be chosen specially for you based on your data.

The Mutiny playbooks show you winning experiences from similar companies and recommend segments on your own site that you can launch the playbook for.

Don't be a Stranger

We're so excited to see how you'll use Mutiny to accomplish all of your personalization goals, and we're happy to help if you're experiencing any issues! Feel free to start an Intercom chat or email us at any time 😀

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