Import Data from a CSV to Create an Outbound Campaign

Learn how to create an outbound personalization campaign by importing data from your CRM or database through a CSV file upload.

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Using data from a CSV file for your outbound personalization campaign allows you to include any data that you might want to use, even if it's coming from several different sources.

Step 1 — Format your CSV

Compile and organize the data pertaining to your campaign's target audience within a CSV file, or simply export the data to a CSV through your CRM.

Note: It's important to double-check and make sure that there aren't any empty headers or duplicated columns or rows, otherwise you might run into some problems when you go to upload.

Step 2 — Create an Outbound Campaign

In the Mutiny app, navigate to the “Outbound” tab on the left-hand panel. 

Clicking “New Campaign” will bring up a form that you’ll complete by entering the name of your campaign, the URL you’d like to personalize, and selecting "Upload CSV" for the data source.

Step 3 — Upload the CSV File

Choose whether the records in your CSV correlate to companies or individuals.

Selecting "Companies" will prompt you to choose the column that contains the company name, while selecting "Individuals" will ask you to choose the column containing the contact's email address. 

These selections are used as the unique key and must be unique to each row in your file. Each personalized link will follow a format similar to: {base url}?m={key}. If you want to customize this value using a column other than email or company name, feel free! The value just needs to be unique to each row. 

Step 4 — Clean up your Data & Get Personalizing

Once you have the data from your CSV all loaded into Mutiny, you're ready to move on to the final steps: Clean up the data so that it looks presentable and then put the finishing touches to your personalizations.

Follow the steps in this article to finish crafting your outbound personalization campaign and put it all into production.  

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