Write Outbound Links Back to Salesforce

By saving your personalized Mutiny assets to your SFDC record, you can enable email automation and share page links with your whole team.

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During the process of launching an outbound personalization campaign, you'll be able to designate a column in one of your tables to automatically write and update the campaign link in your Salesforce records. 

This will allow you to set up email automation and provide centralized access to your personalized links for your team (most importantly, for your sales reps). 

Getting Started

First, you'll need to make sure that you have a column for the links to be written back to in your Salesforce data table that is dedicated solely to this campaign.

Follow Steps 1 - 4 in the guide linked above to learn the ins and outs of creating an outbound campaign with Salesforce as the data source. 

Write Mutiny assets to Salesforce

On the campaign settings page, you'll notice the option to write your Mutiny assets to Salesforce.

Make sure you've selected a table from your records to use as the data source, then click "Write assets to SFDC" to bring up a drop-down box where you'll select the designated column. 

Note: This menu will load available columns from the table you selected as your data source.

Now you can continue setting up your campaign and your personalized links will be written back to and updated within your Salesforce records for easy access.

Check out this article to create a calculated field in Salesforce to transform the personalized screenshot URL into an HTML snippet you can pull into email platforms such as Outreach.io.

If you've selected the "Manual" campaign type, the links will be written upon launching your campaign. If you go back and make changes to your data later, you will need to relaunch the campaign for those changes to take effect. Your links will be updated when you click the "Launch" button from the editor.

Setting up an "Automated" campaign will cause the first set of links to be written upon launch, and then they will be refreshed at the interval you selected to reflect any updates in data that may have occurred. 

That's all there is to it! 

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