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Transforming Personalized Screenshots to HTML Snippets in Salesforce
Transforming Personalized Screenshots to HTML Snippets in Salesforce

To use personalized screenshots in outbound campaigns, you may need to transform the variable to an HTML snippet in Salesforce. Learn how.

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How to create a calculated field in Salesforce to transform the personalized screenshot URL into an HTML snippet you can pull into email platforms such as

Step 1 - Write Mutiny assets to designated fields in Salesforce

When you are configuring your outbound campaign in Mutiny, define two fields to write your personalized assets. One field is for the page link and the other is for the screenshot URL. Both should be URL field types.

For the rest of this post, we will assume those fields are named mutiny_link__c and mutiny_screenshot__c.

Step 2 - Create a calculated field in Salesforce to transform the screenshot URL into an HTML snippet

Open the Object Manger

In Salesforce, click on Setup from the gear icon in the top right of the screen. Navigate to Objects and Fields then select Object Manager

Select the table from your campaign

Search for the table name where your screenshot link is written (either Leads, Contacts, Accounts or Opportunities) in page search bar. The table should be the same as you selected when configuring the campaign in Mutiny.

Create a new field

Click Fields & Relationships from the left pane. Click "New" to the right of the search field to create a custom field.

Set the data type to "formula", enter a field label and field name, and select output type as "text"

For the formula, enter something similar to the following. Don't forget to replace the column names with your own custom names!

Image only:

IF(ISBLANK(mutiny_screenshot__c), "", '<img src="' & mutiny_screenshot__c & '" style="max-width: 700px">')

Clickable link:

IF(ISBLANK(mutiny_screenshot__c), "", '<a href="' & mutiny_link_c & '"> <img src="' & mutiny_screenshot__c & '" style="max-width: 700px"></a>')

The formula should look like this in Salesforce:

Here’s how the transformed column looks:

Map the transformed field to a custom field in your outreach platform and insert it into your template.

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