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Tracking HubSpot Form Submissions
Tracking HubSpot Form Submissions

Mutiny has a special type of conversion tracking just for HubSpot form submissions. Use this conversion type to track HubSpot form fills.

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HubSpot forms are embedded in your website via an iframe. Since the form is not natively part of your site, Mutiny Form or Link tracking does not work to capture these conversions.

Instead, you should use the HubSpot conversion type to track these form submissions.

Configuring HubSpot conversions

Step 1 - Click on "Conversions" from the left hand pane to view the Conversions page. Then Click the blue "+ New Conversion" button in the top right hand corner. Click the blue "See more types" link in the bottom left corner of the modal and select "HubSpot".

Step 2 - Give the conversion event a name and enter the URL the embedded form is on. To track multiple pages, use the blue "Use multiple URLs" link in the bottom right to set URL condition rules to track multiple pages.

Step 3 - Hit Save and Mutiny will begin tracking your HubSpot form submissions!

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