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Survey Side Pop (with and without personalized success message)
Survey Side Pop (with and without personalized success message)

Side Pop Components can survey visitors and act as a data source to promote relevant assets to the right audience.

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How it works

Survey side pop components load in the bottom left hand corner of your page and let you ask your visitors a question.

You have the option to give them a custom response and CTA based on their answer. You can then use their response as a data source in the Segment Creator.

Note: After a user has engaged with the side pop, it will not display again.

Types of survey side pops

There are two types of questionnaire side pops. You can choose to create a side pop with or without personalized CTA.

Survey side pop with personalized success messages: You should use a personalized success message and CTA if you have a specific resource, asset, or page to send the visitor to that is relevant to the response they've given you.

Survey side pops: If you simply want to ask the question, collect the response, and subsequently personalize their experience, choose a side pop without personalized CTA.

How to launch a side pop

Step 1 - Create your segment

First, decide who should see your side pop. For example, you may want to only show the side pop to users you do not already have information about, so you can create a segment that excludes customers and known visitors.

For more info on creating a segment, check out this guide.

Step 2 - Create your side pop

After you've created your segment, click on "Create an Experience" and choose either "Survey Side pop with personalized success message" or "Survey Side pop" (click the "Show others" button at the bottom of the modal to see the plain Survey side pop option.)

Give your side pop a name and configure the page or pages the side pop should display on.

Step 3 - Configure your settings

Now, create your side pop content! Information on what can be configured is listed below. When your side pop is ready to go, hit "Launch" in the top right corner.

Step 4 - Choosing your traffic distribution

By default, your experience will distribute 50% of your traffic to control, and the remaining to your personalized experience. If you would like all users of your chosen segment to see the experience, be sure to Promote the experience.

(Survey side pop with personalized success message only) Step 5 - Setting your primary conversion events

If you have chosen a side pop with personalized CTA, you will be prompted to select your primary conversion event(s) after you click launch. Here, you can choose to select a specific conversion events to track for visitors that click through on the personalized CTA. For example, if you are sending the visitor to a relevant blog post, you might select a blog subscription conversion event.

If there is no conversion event on the page you are linking to, simply leave the setting as "All conversions" and Mutiny will track overall conversions for those that respond to the side pop questionnaire.


Mutiny will automatically track the number of responses to each question and the conversions after response. If you are using a side pop with personalized CTA, Mutiny will also track clickthroughs on the CTA and the primary conversion rate.

On the experience card, you can click to view a breakdown by response.

Creating segments and personalized experiences based on side pop responses

Once you have created your side pop, the response options will be available in the Segment Creator to create segments and build personalized experiences based on user responses.

What you can configure

Editor with configuration options


  • Headline (orange text in the image above)

  • Message (smaller black text, to add more context to the headline)

Response Options:

  • Option 1, 2, 3... (we recommend no more than 4 options)

Success Message(s):

  • You can specify this per option or you can choose to use the Success Fallback section to create standard success messages to be used for any response without a personalized success message

  • Success Messages include Headline, Message, CTA text, and CTA URL

  • For side pops without personalized CTAs, you can choose not to display a success message and simply have the modal close after the user responds to the questionnaire

Note: Use the "Question/Success" toggle buttons at top right to switch between different states of the side pop

Look & Feel:

  • Primary color (side pop colors shown when expanded)

  • Icon color (color of the icon when it's collapsed, we recommend using different colors so the animation draws attention)

  • Image options - none, show a logo or icon, or show a hero-style image. Hero-style image dimensions are 387px x 214 px (16:9 aspect ratio)

  • Font (use default or inherit from your site font)


  • Scroll depth percentage (if you want to load the side pop only after a certain percentage of the page has been viewed -- default is 0% which loads when the page loads)

  • Whether the CTA should open in the same tab or a new tab when clicked

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