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Mutiny gives you insight into your segmentation, traffic volumes, and browsing patterns to help you build your plan

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How to use the data in Mutiny to discover segments and personalization opportunities, and build a prioritized personalization plan for yourself.

How it works

You can access your plan from the Playbooks tab in the left hand pane of the app. The top half stores the playbooks and segments you add to your personalization plan, and the bottom half lets you explore your segmentation.

The data shown represents a monthly estimate by segment and by page, and is based on your last 30 days of data. If it hasn't yet been 30 days since you implemented Mutiny, the data will be extrapolated out 30 days based on the data received to date.

Getting started

To get started building your plan, select an attribute you'd like to explore. For example, number of employees.

After you select your attribute, you have the option of scoping down the values to a specific set of values. If you don't choose which values to show, your top 25 by volume will load in the table below.

Additional filter options

You can also choose to add URL or conversion filters to get specific about which data loads in the table. If you don't use these filters, the data shown will represent all conversions and the segment breakdown will show your top 5 trafficked URLs by page.

Exploring your data and finding opportunities

You can click on any attribute value to drill down into the top 5 pages the segment visits. You can use the checkboxes in the left margin to select the segment and add it to your plan.

If you select multiple segments, you have the option to group them into a single segment or add them to your plan individually.

Add individually

If you add individually, a segment will be created for each value. You should use this if you want to create separate experiences for each segment. Most likely, you would want to use this when exploring attributes such as industry.

Note: if you select the same segment on multiple pages, it will always be added individually and not grouped, since you would be creating separate experiences for each page.

Group and add

Selecting "Group and add" lets you group multiple values into a single segment. This is most helpful for attributes like "Number of employees", where you would most likely group several values together to create larger segments.

Managing & prioritizing your plan

You can change the name of the segment by hovering over the name on your personalization plan and clicking the Edit button:

You can prioritize your plan by grabbing the segment by the 6 dot grid on the left hand side and dragging the card up or down.

To drive the biggest impact, prioritize segments with the highest Additional Leads value.

Note: Additional leads is calculated assuming a 25% lift in conversion rate for the segment.

Launching an experience from your plan

When you are ready to create your experience, you can click the blue Launch button on the right side of the segment card to get started.

When you click Launch, you will be taken to the Segment Creator, where you can adjust the definition or add any additional qualifying rules. When your segment definition looks good, click "Update segment" in the top right and start creating your experience!

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