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Use Google Tag Manager to Set Up Conversions
Use Google Tag Manager to Set Up Conversions

You can set up new conversions using Google Tag Manager.

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If you already have conversion events for your website set up in Google Tag Manager, you can follow the instructions below to send those conversion events to Mutiny

Copy the conversion tracking script from Mutiny

Step 1 - To get started, log in to Mutiny's app, navigate to the "Events" tab from the left side menu, and click "New Conversion" in the upper right hand corner.

Step 2 - Choose "Track Event" as the conversion configuration.

Step 3 - On the resulting page, you'll need to decide which script to copy:

  • Select the top script if the Mutiny client is already installed on the page you're going to track a conversion on (most common).

  • Select the bottom script if the Mutiny client is not installed on the page you're going to track a conversion on (less common).

Paste Mutiny's script in Google Tag Manager

Step 1 - Log in to your Google Tag Manager account and click "Add a new tag".

Step 2 - Under "Tag configuration", choose "Custom HTML".

Step 3 - Paste the script copied from within Mutiny's app into the HTML box. Once you have pasted the script, feel free to change the name ('demo-form' in the image below) to a name-value that would help you identify this particular conversion event in Mutiny.

Step 4 - Now we'll set up the trigger which will invoke Mutiny's script you just pasted in the HTML box. Say you already have a trigger for when someone signs up for a demo on your website, choose that trigger under "Triggering". If your trigger is not created yet, you can set one up by following the instructions here.

Step 5 - After both the tag and trigger are configured, hit "Save" at the top right to save this tag.

Step 6 - Click the "Preview" button in the upper right corner to test your tag. The Preview button will take you to your website, where you should test your tag to ensure it is firing appropriately.

Step 7 - Once you've verified it works correctly, publish your workspace by clicking "submit".

Step 8 - Now whenever a trigger event happens, it'll be sent to Mutiny (under the name you chose in step 3), and can be seen under the "Conversions" tab in the Mutiny app.

If you have multiple conversion events in Google Tag Manager that you'd like to relay to Mutiny, repeat steps 1 to 8. Just remember to name each event separately. This will enable you to identify those events in Mutiny.

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