How to launch top playbooks

Mutiny analyzes your website traffic to identify good segments for personalization and recommends winning playbooks.

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Mutiny recommendations combine the power of AI with community to help you win faster.

How it works

Mutiny collects winning personalization playbooks across all our customers. It then analyzes your website traffic to identify good segments for personalization. When we find a match between your visitors and our playbooks, we recommend the playbook!

Your Feed

To view your recommended playbooks, click "Playbooks" from the left hand pane.

The playbooks you see are ordered by potential impact they can have if applied to your site.

Use the filters to see matching playbooks by marketing program (such as content, event promotion, ABM, etc.), experience type (such as on-page personalization, banners, side pops, surveys, etc.), visitor attribute (such as startup, industry, location, etc.), or data source (such as Clearbit, Adwords, Behavioral, etc.)

Click into each playbook to see more detail on the experience strategy and add it to your plan or launch it on your own site.

Your Recommended Playbook

Each playbook gives you a short description of the customer's strategy and the impact it drove. On the experience image card, you can toggle the personalizations on/off to better understand the personalizations on the page.

Some playbooks may have multiple images that you can click through to see a few different examples.

On the right side of the page, you will see a box summarizing how this playbook applies to you. This will show you the best segments you can launch this playbook for and the relative impact you can expect to see with similar results. Your segments are ordered by impact, and you can click through to view estimated additional leads for each.

Click "Add to my plan" to save this playbook to launch later. Click "Create experience" to create your experience now.

Your Plan

You can save playbooks to your plan to save them into a to do list to act on later. You can also add segments you discover yourself from the Data Explorer into this plan.

Click on the playbook image icon to view the playbook. When you are ready to launch the experience, click "Launch" to finalize the segment definition and create the experience.

This will move the segment from your plan into your "Pending" segments tab.

Launching a Recommended Playbook

If you are inspired and ready to act now, no need to add the playbook to your plan and launch from there. Simply click the "Create experience" button to jump right in.

Adjust your segment definition as needed, click "Review and Personalize", and name your segment. On the next modal, name the experience you will create and put in the URL of the page you want to personalize. Click "Create" to start building your personalized experience.

In the experience editor, you will see a bubble in the bottom right corner with the logo of the company whose playbook you are launching. Click on the bubble to open their playbook to remind yourself of the strategy you want to apply on your own site.

For more guidance on using the Experience Editor, check out this guide.

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