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How changes to your website impact your Mutiny experiences
How changes to your website impact your Mutiny experiences

If website selectors have changed on your site, it's likely that you'll need to update any live Mutiny experience running on that page

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As a general rule of thumb, if your website selectors (e.g. class names, id names, etc.) are changing as a result of your website changes, it's likely that those elements will be impacted in your Mutiny experiences. If you are making small, cosmetic changes to your site and your selectors are not changing, you likely won't notice any impact to your live experiences.

How do I know for sure if my live experiences are impacted?

Step 1 - Go into the experience that is affected by the changes on your site (e.g. if your web developer made some changes to your homepage, navigate to experiences in Mutiny running on the homepage). Click on edit the experience to go into the visual editor.

Step 2 - In the upper right corner of the editor, you will see a button that says "Personalizations" with a number next to it. Click on this button.

Step 3 - This dropdown will tell you all of the elements on the page that were originally personalized. If you see any rows with "Element not found" underneath it, this means that the original element you personalized has changed and personalization is no longer applying to that element within your experience. (We'll talk about how Mutiny treats these instances for your web users below).

Note: if you do not see any rows with "Element not found", the elements in your experience have not been impacted by your website changes!

Step 4 - Make any necessary edits to your experience to account for the changes made to your template.

What does Mutiny do if an element in my experience cannot be found?

If you recently made changes to your website and those changes have caused some elements to be "not found" in your live experiences, Mutiny will simply revert that specific element to the non-personalized version of the page. All other identified elements within your experience will still apply.

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