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What conversions should I track in Mutiny and what's the most accurate tracking method?
What conversions should I track in Mutiny and what's the most accurate tracking method?

Tracking all important form submits, content downloads, and clicks to login are recommended when starting out

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This doc will walk you through two commonly asked questions about conversions:

  1. What conversions are most important to track?

  2. What's the most accurate method for conversion tracking?

Let's start with what to track. We recommend tracking the following:

Important Form Submissions

  • Sign ups

  • Trial Requests

  • Demo Requests

  • Contact Us Submission

  • Subscriptions to Blog

Content Downloads

  • Downloads or form submits on any gated assets (e.g. whitepapers)

Clicks to Login (for existing customers)

Of course, if you have any other KPIs that you want to report on, track them!

Next, let's talk about the most accurate methods for tracking your conversions.

If possible, we recommend tracking through one of these methods:

  1. Segment - if you use Segment, the best way to track conversions in Mutiny is by adding your Segment events directly through our Segment integration.

  2. Event-based conversion tracking in your front end code - if you don't use Segment, the most accurate way to track your conversions is by firing a JavaScript call in your front-end code.

  3. Google Tag Manager - If you already have conversion triggers set up in Google Tag Manager, you can use those triggers to send conversion data to Mutiny.

    If none of these methods work for you, you can also set up conversions directly in Mutiny using our WYSIWYG editor. We also have special conversion types for Hubspot, Drift, and Calendly. You can find full descriptions on all conversion tracking options in Mutiny here.

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