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Redirects and performance
Redirects and performance

For full page redesigns, you can redirect visitors from a certain segment from one page to another and measure the impact.

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What is a redirect?

A redirect lets you re-route visitors in a given segment who land on one page to instead send them to another page. Redirects launch in experiment mode by default, with 50% of visitors seeing the redirect experience and 50% of visitors seeing the control experience (no redirect).

Redirects and your analytics tools

In order for Mutiny to decide whether a user should be redirected or not, we need to do a bit of work fetching their user data from our servers. While we won't show any of the page content to the user (more on that below), its possible that some other background processes, like Google Analytics, may load on the original page before a user is redirected. This could result in some unexpected data being sent to your analytics tools.

Redirect priority

Since redirects change the visitor's page url, they will always take first priority over any other experience type.

Redirect performance and flicker

Mutiny does a number of optimizations for on-page personalizations to keep the page load really snappy. For example, one of the things we do is hide only the personalized elements until the visitor data has been resolved, and then load in the personalized content. This keeps the visitor from ever seeing the control content before the personalized content is available to load, and eliminates experience flicker. You can find out more about this process here.

Redirects work in a very similar fashion, but because the entire content of the page could change, we hide the entire <body> of the page until the visitor data has been resolved. This process still happens extremely quickly, and all of our built-in failsafes will still apply, so in the extremely rare event that something goes wrong, we’ll always fall back to your original site content after a maximum of 500ms.

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