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Troubleshooting your IP-based audience targeting
Troubleshooting your IP-based audience targeting

It's possible users will temporarily be categorized into different audiences based on their WiFi usage

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Using IP data is an extremely powerful way to personalize your website by industry, company size, and more. If you are using IP-based firmographic data from sources like Clearbit in your audience segments, it's possible you will see some companies showing up in experiences you might not expect.

For example, if you are running an experience for the Health Care industry, you probably wouldn't expect a company like Liberty Mutual showing up in your experience. However, using IP-based targeting means there is a chance users will temporarily show up in different audiences based on their WiFi usage.

In the Health Care example above, the Liberty Mutual user likely visited a Health Care establishment, like a Rite Aid or a doctor's office, and used their WiFi. If the visitor used the WiFi of a Health Care business while also visiting a page on your website with an active Health Care personalized experience, they would see your experience.

Typically these cases are rare and do not have a negative impact on performance of your Mutiny experiences. If you are noticing a negative result and a high percentage of mis-categorized companies, you should try refining your targeting. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you have industry vertical pages, use behavioral audiences to layer on an additional data source to your segment.

  • Remove targeting for industries that users are more likely to visit often and use WiFi. For example, Rite Aid might have a "Company Tag" of Pharmaceuticals, but an "Industry" of Retail. If you remove the "Company Tag" criteria from your segment, you will be less likely to capture users who are visiting their local Rite Aid to pick up a prescription.

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