A cheat sheet for your Outbound campaign

When building your outbound campaign, there are a lot of moving pieces. This doc outlines best practices and tips for execution.

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Launching highly personalized 1:1 pages using Mutiny's Outbound product is a great way to support and scale your team's ABM efforts. This doc is a "cheat sheet" for you to use at every stage of launching your outbound campaigns using Mutiny 1:1 links.

When building your 1:1 pages in Mutiny

Tip #1 - Spend the time to determine what data you want to use to personalize your pages

Do you want to show a custom ROI calculation? Highlight specific use cases? Include dynamic logos or images based on account? Determining what you want to include in your personalized 1:1 pages is a critical first step to success. If you are using Salesforce as your data source, you will be able to add fields into your campaign after creating it. If you are using a CSV upload, you won't be able to edit the number of columns included in your upload after creating your campaign. With this in mind, we recommend adding a few extra columns just in case you decide you want to add more variables after the fact.

If you're looking for inspiration on what to include in your Outbound page template, check out this guide.

Tip #2 - Ensure your data source includes the info you want to include on your landing page

If you are using your Salesforce Accounts table, but the data you want to use on your page lives in your Contacts table, you will need to use your Contacts table as your data source, not your Accounts table.

Need to map new or additional fields into Mutiny from SFDC? Here's how.

Tip #3 - Work with your sales team to ensure your campaign targeting is strong

Whether your sales team is providing a CSV of target accounts or you are building the targeting directly in Mutiny using your SFDC integration, you need to make sure your list of target accounts and/or contacts is accurate. The last thing you want is to spend the time building and executing on your campaign only to realize that several of your target accounts' contact info is no longer up to date.

Tip #4 - Use variables settings to dynamically pluralize, capitalize, and make possessive

To avoid grammar mistakes, transform your variables to dynamically capitalize, pluralize, and make possessive. Here's how.

Tip #5 - Create grouped personalizations within your campaign

Creating grouped personalizations within your campaign is a great way to make your pages as 1:1 as possible. Here's how.

When QA'ing your Campaign

Tip #1 - Use preview links for testing to keep data clean

Each Outbound campaign generates unique URLs for each target account or contact in your campaign. Your Outbound analytics are based off of pageviews for these unique links. Because of this, you will want to avoid clicking on your live (production) campaign links, which will be available in SFDC (if you're passing this field from Mutiny to SFDC) or your campaign CSV download. To QA your campaign, you should instead use Mutiny preview links. These can be found on your Outbound campaign page or in your campaign CSV download.

Once you click through on a preview link, Mutiny will cookie you and add your IP address to an exclusion list, meaning any subsequent clicks on production links will not skew your campaign data. We recommend sending out a campaign preview link to anyone on your team who will want to view your Outbound campaign links. Once they click on a preview link, they are free to click on any production links they'd like.

Tip #2 - Test longest and shortest variables and make sure sizing works for all cases

Be sure to test how your personalized pages look for multiple accounts, not just one. You should pay particular attention to making sure sizing works for your longest and shortest variables.

When distributing your Mutiny 1:1 links to target accounts

Tip #1 - Follow best practices for using multiple touchpoints and channels. Optimize your subject line and email content.

Here's a video walking through each of these best practices:

Tip #2 - Start small so you can test, learn and iterate

Send your email and LinkedIn outreach in small batches to start so you can measure, iterate, and create a strong program. We recommend starting with 50 emails/week and building from there. Here's how we recommend working with your SDRs to roll out a Mutiny outbound campaign when you're just getting started.

Tip #3 - Be sure to use the Mutiny production link, not a preview link or the generic link to your page

While you and your colleagues should use the Mutiny preview link when QA'ing your Outbound campaigns, you need to be sure that the production link gets shared in your email and LinkedIn outreach. This is very important, as only production links are tracked in your Mutiny analytics and in Slack notifications for your sales team. Outbound production links contain a unique query parameter for each account. Mutiny outbound production links will have something like this at the end of the URL: "?mt=targetaccount".

Tip #4 - Include a screenshot of the 1:1 page in your email and LinkedIn outreach

Customers have reported 2-3x click-through rates when they include screenshots of personalized pages in email and LinkedIn content. Here's more on how to generate and use Mutiny-generated screenshots in your campaigns. Here's an example of one of Mutiny's outbound ABM emails:

Tip #5 - Follow up when you see target accounts viewing their pages

If you are using our Slack integration, you will get real-time updates whenever target accounts view or convert on your outbound pages. If you haven't already, be sure to go into your integration and turn on Outbound notifications. If your campaign is built with SFDC as the data source, the Slack integration will automatically tag the sales rep associated with a target account so they can follow up in a timely manner.

The Mutiny team is here to support you as you launch your Outbound campaigns! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help.

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The Mutiny team is here to support you as you launch your Outbound campaigns! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need help, either through intercom chat or via support@mutinyhq.com.

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