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How to prevent Wordpress plug-ins from caching your Mutiny client
How to prevent Wordpress plug-ins from caching your Mutiny client

If you use Wordpress and have certain plug-ins, it's possible Mutiny's client will cache, causing any changes made in the app to not render

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If you are using Wordpress, some Wordpress plug-ins have been known to cache the Mutiny script running on your website. Unfortunately, this causes any changes (e.g. new experiences launched, changes made to existing experiences, etc.) to not deploy for your website visitors and may also cause issues with other things like conversions. Luckily, it is usually easy to resolve any caching by making a few edits in the settings of your Wordpress plug-in.

How do I know if my Mutiny script is cached from a Wordpress plug-in?

The <script> src= portion of your Mutiny client should look something like this, with the "uniqueidentifier" at the end being a unique ID for your Mutiny account:

<script src=""></script>

If a Wordpress plug-in is caching the Mutiny script, it won't appear like the code above. Instead, it will likely look like a different URL altogether and have "wp-engine" or "wp-content" within that URL. Here's an example of what it may look like.

<script src=""></script>

How do I prevent my Wordpress plugin from caching my Mutiny script?

This will differ depending on the specific plug-in that is caching your script. From a high level, you will want to exclude Mutiny from caching within your plugin settings. You should be able to locate a settings screen where you can make exclusions. We've included specific examples below, but if you have trouble finding these for a specific plugin, reach out to

Wordpress Rocket

Wordpress Rocket is a common plug-in where we encounter script caching. Within this plug-in, you can exclude the Mutiny script from minifying, deferment, and delay by adding these to the exclusion boxes under the File Optimization tab. You'll want to specifically exclude and the keyword mutiny.

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