Iterating on experiences and creating new revisions

Mutiny can automatically track revisions for major changes in your experiences so you can iterate freely and keep your data clean.

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Personalization can lead to huge lifts in conversion rate, but sometimes you may need an iteration or two before you get that big win. If your experience does not have a huge lift, don’t fret, and don’t deactivate it!

Iterate on your experience until you find what works, and then promote it. This method leads you to huge lifts and compounding ROI.

For more info on how and when to iterate, check out this blog post.

Mutiny makes it really easy for you iterate on your experiences and keep the measurement of your various iterations clean. We call these "revisions".

How to iterate on an experience

Step 1 - Edit your live experience

Go into Mutiny & find the experience you want to iterate on.

Click the 3 dots on the top right corner of the card, then click Edit.

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Step 2 - Create your new revised content for your iteration

Click the element you want to iterate on your page.

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Personalize the content you want to use in your new iteration using the options in the right hand panel.

Add as many changes as you want to test in your new iteration. Don't forget to click save after each one!

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Step 3 - Relaunch with your new iterations

Notice the green dot on the top right corner of the Launch button. This indicates you have a pending change you haven't yet launched.

Click Launch.

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Step 4 - Reset Results

Now you have the option to Keep Data or Reset Results.

Choosing Keep Data will continue adding new visitors and conversions onto your existing results.

Click Reset Results to start tracking data from scratch for your new experience revision.

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Step 5 - View the data for your old and new iterations

Now, your experience card will show a dropdown menu where you can choose which revision to show the data for.

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That's it! You're done.

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