How to use recommended playbooks

Mutiny recommends playbooks and headline copy based on the last 30 days of your website traffic

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The hardest part about creating a robust and thriving personalization program is knowing:

  1. What segments and pages on your website to prioritize building for (because, let's face it, marketers are busy people).

  2. Writing content that will convert.

Luckily, Mutiny provides insights highlighting top opportunities for personalization based on your website traffic, as well as AI-generated (and actually good) headline suggestions. Let's dive into how it works.

Recommended Playbooks

Mutiny recommends segments for you to personalize based off your last 30 days of website traffic, analyzing things like CVR (compared to your site's average CVR), session time, and repeat traffic. To find your recommended playbooks, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Under the Playbooks tab, click on "Recommended"

Step 2 - Identify a recommendation you want to launch

We choose the top recommendations we have for you based on your traffic and website performance. Each recommended segment will have insights on why we are suggesting it. In the top right corner, you will see an insight tied to a data point. For example, in the screenshot below you can see that mid-market companies (with 251-1K employees) spent 33% more time on Design Pickle's homepage than other visitors, suggesting they are further engaged and primed for personalization.

If you want to explore your data even more, click on the blue "See Data" text under the segment name at the top of the card. This will tell you the number of monthly visitors, CVR, and leads for the audience.

If you agree that this segment is a good opportunity for personalization, move on to Step 3, where you'll explore our recommended website copy. If the first recommendation is not a good fit, you can explore a few other recommendations by using the arrows on the right and left sides of the card.

Step 3 - Explore headline suggestions

When you find a segment you like, you can explore our AI-generated headline suggestions for that audience by clicking on the arrows above the screenshot of your website. Our AI engine powers headline creation off of two things: First, we ingest your website content in order to create headlines that feel on brand and in your voice. Second, our system learns what works (and what doesn't) for segments across other websites. For instance, it might learn that mid-market companies with 251-1K employees care a lot about the ability to scale.

Step 3 - Click "Draft experience"

When you find a segment and headlines you like, click the blue "Draft experience" button.

Step 4 - Refine and save your segment

Next, make any further adjustments to your segment logic, such as layering on additional attributes, if you wish. Then click the blue "Review and personalize" button to save your segment and continue.

Step 5 - Confirm the URL where you want to run your experience

By default, we will automatically select the page that our system generated an insight for. For example, if we found that there was a lot of opportunity for mid-market audiences on the homepage because that's the page these users are visiting the most (and spending the most time on), we will automatically populate the homepage URL in your page conditions.

Step 6 - Apply your favorite headline

After choosing what page you want to run your experience on, the editor will load the page and automatically select the headline (h1). Click on the button that says "Headlines" and hit "Apply" next to the headline you'd like to run in your experience.

Tip: Clicking on the little up/down arrows will show you "Reasonings" for each headline. Aka, the AI will show you its cards ;)

Step 7 - Save, make any other changes you want, and launch!

Click on the blue "Save" button. From here, you can go ahead and launch your experience, or make any other additional changes you want to make to the page before launching. That's it!

Other Playbook features

In addition to Mutiny's "Recommended" segments, headlines, and playbooks, we also have a large library of winning playbooks across different marketing programs and data sources for you to explore. On top of that, we have a way for you to save playbooks and explore your own data further in order to make your own decisions on what (and where) to prioritize.

All Playbooks

To find our full library of playbooks, click "All" under the Playbooks tab. You can use the filters at the top of the page to search for the playbooks most relevant to you.

To learn more about a playbook, such as the result it drove, simply click on it. From this view, you can also draft the playbook for yourself.

Saved Playbooks

By clicking on "Saved" under the Playbooks tab, you will be able to explore your data at your fingertips, and save relevant segments to your plan to launch. You can read all about how to use these features here.

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