Integrating with 6sense

Using 6sense data in your Mutiny segments and experiences is a powerful way to personalize for your target accounts

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When you integrate your 6sense account with Mutiny, you can create segments based on 6sense data, build personalized on-page experiences, and dynamically insert 6sense data into your experiences.

How it works & available fields

Mutiny integrates your 6sense data, allowing you to use it for segment definitions, as well as dynamic variables in experiences. The following 6sense fields are available to personalize your website in Mutiny:

In addition to the above, there are a few other things this integration enables:

6sense + Salesforce

If you are integrated with both 6sense and Salesforce, Mutiny will connect the domain passed by 6sense and match it to the associated record in your SFDC Accounts table. This allows you to use any fields in your Salesforce Accounts table in your Mutiny audiences and experiences. Note: if you are integrated with both 6sense and Clearbit, the SFDC match will happen off of the Clearbit domain

6sense in your Personalization Plan

You can explore your 6sense data under Playbooks > Data Explorer. This view helps you prioritize what audiences present the largest opportunity for additional leads, as well as the top 5 pages they have viewed on your site in the last 30 days. Here are more details on how to use this feature to build your personalization plan.

Example “Data Explorer” view showing traffic, CVR, and additional lead opportunity for the last 30 days

Analytics on converted companies

For any of your Mutiny experiences using 6sense data, you will have robust analytics on which companies have viewed and converted on a personalized version of your website. To access this data, click on the “View Details” button on any experience.

Click on the “View Details” button to view a list of companies that have viewed or converted on your experience

Analytics showing companies identified by 6sense that saw or converted on a personalized version of your website

Slack Notifications and CSV Downloads

If you are integrated with both 6sense and Slack, you will receive notifications about your live experiences in Slack. More on how to configure your Slack integration here.

Example notification you will get on your live Mutiny experiences in Slack

Integrating with 6sense

Step 1 - Activate your 6sense integration

Select Integrations from the left side pane and click on 6sense.

Step 2 - Copy your 6sense API Key

Log into your 6sense account, and navigate to Settings to access your API Key. Copy the API Key and head back to Mutiny.

Step 3 - Paste your 6sense API Key

Paste your 6sense API Key into the 6sense integration in Mutiny and save. That’s it! You’re done!

Note: some 6sense data sources (like Segments or Intent Score) might not show up in Mutiny right away. As visitors hit your site and match these definitions, they will show up in Mutiny.

Example Use Cases for 6sense + Mutiny

There are countless ways you can leverage Mutiny to personalize your website using your 6sense data. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Surface relevant resources to visitors based on Buying Stage (e.g. an ROI calculator or custom report for Consideration and Decision stage visitors)

Example side pop for web visitors based on Buying Stage (Consideration)

  • For customers, surface invites to upcoming webinars and product announcementsExample banner promoting product improvements to customers

  • Personalize headlines, CTAs, social proof, etc. by industry and company size

Example personalization on for Manufacturing industry

  • Personalize top landing pages based on paid search term, or other paid campaigns you are running through 6sense

Example personalization on using Segment of users searching “Predictive Analytics” search terms

  • … and many more!

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