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Preventing Cloudflare from Loading Mutiny Asynchronously
Preventing Cloudflare from Loading Mutiny Asynchronously

Avoid issues with flicker when loading Mutiny while using Cloudflare CDN

Updated over a week ago

If you use Cloudflare CDN to optimize your site delivery, you may experience flicker on your Mutiny experiences when your client installation isn't correctly configured.

Cloudflare's Rocket Loader product will prevent the Mutiny script from loading correctly and hiding the personalized elements as the page is rendering, causing a noticeable flicker. If you notice that is happening on your site, and you use Cloudfront, you may need to make a configuration change in your Mutiny client installation to avoid a flicker.

In your Mutiny client installation, there should be a tag like

<script src="">...</script>. 

You'll need to add an attribute and value of data-cfasync="false" before the src element to ensure Cloudfront does not break your Mutiny client installation.

The final result should look like

(function(){var a=window.mutiny=window.mutiny||<...>
<script data-cfasync="false" src="<...>.js"></script>

You can read more at Cloudflare's support page.

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