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How to embed custom HTML into your experience
How to embed custom HTML into your experience

If you need to add new elements into your experience, you can do so by pasting HTML into the editor

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Mutiny makes it easy to replace existing elements on your page with new text, images, or videos. However, if you want to add net new text blocks, images, or videos onto your page, you can do so by using HTML. In the below example, we will walk through how to embed a video within an experience.

Note: if you find yourself making a very large scale change in your page formatting or adding complex new elements to your page, we recommend following this approach.

Step 1 - Build your segment, choose "Page Content" as your experience type, and set your URL conditions

Step 2 - Click on the section of the page where you want to insert your new element above or below

In the below screenshot, if I want to insert a video from YouTube above the Inbound/Outbound toggle on Mutiny's product page, I would click on this element in the editor.

Step 3 - Copy an HTML snippet of your video, or the element you want to insert on the page

If you are inserting a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you can copy the embed code of the video you want to place on your page. If you want to use a video or image hosted on your own site, see here for guidance on HTML video and here for HTML images.

Step 4 - Paste your HTML snippet into the editor

In the below screenshot, I pasted a YouTube video embed code right above the Inbound/Outbound toggle on Mutiny's website.

Step 5 - Apply any styling you want to the new element on the page

You might need to apply additional styling to the new element you've added to your page. For example, in the screenshot above, I would want to center the video on the page by surrounding the YouTube embed code with <center> tags.

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