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Experiment, Promoted, Deactivated, Archived: How to control traffic using Mutiny's experience states

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Each of your personalized segments in Mutiny can contain multiple experiences within it. Mutiny groups experiences based on whether they are Live on your site, Pending launch (drafts), or Inactive. Within the segment, you can change the state of each experience to update the traffic being sent to it.

Experience States

Experiment (for page and redirect experiences)

Page and redirect experiences launch into an Experiment state. By default, traffic to experiences is split, 50% personalized/50% control, but you can adjust the traffic allocation at any time.

Promoted (for all experiences)

Promoting an experience removes the control from the segment audience. This allows all visitors in the segment to receive personalization from the experience. Promoting an experience pauses conversion lift updates, as there is no control group to continue measuring against.


Deactivating an experience will stop personalization from that experience.


Archiving an experience will also set the experience to Inactive, with an "Archived" label. This may make sense if you would like to separate inactive experiences by whether you plan to reuse them.

Multivariate experiences

When creating or adding additional variants to your experience, you need to select whether traffic is optimized by Mutiny, manually allocated, or distributed evenly between variants.

Allocating Experiment Traffic (multivariate)

To allocate your experiment traffic for multivariate experiences, you have three options: Let Mutiny optimize, evenly distribute, or manually distribute.

Let Mutiny Optimize

50% of traffic will be allocated to your experiment's control, with the remaining 50% distributed between your variants. When optimized, variants will adjust traffic so that the best performing variants receive a higher portion of the traffic.

Evenly Distribute

When evenly distributed, all variants will receive an even amount of traffic, including the control.

Manually Distribute

With a manual distribution, you can allocate your traffic however you choose.

Promoted (multivariate)

If an experience is promoted with multiple variants, then the control will be removed, and all traffic distributed among the variants. If optimized, this will continue to adjust for the best performing variants. If evenly distributed, each variant will receive an equal amount of traffic for the segment.

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