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How to track Chili Piper Conversions in Mutiny
How to track Chili Piper Conversions in Mutiny

If you use Chili Piper to book meetings on your website, you can track these events in Mutiny through Google Tag Manager

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Setting up Chili Piper conversion tracking in Mutiny can be accomplished through a few simple steps in Google Tag Manager.

Step 1 - Log into your Google Tag Manager account (

Step 2 - Click to add a new tag

Step 3 - Name your tag and click into "Tag Configuration"

Step 4 - Choose a "Custom HTML" tag for your tag type

Step 5 - Paste the following script into your Custom HTML tag:

<script type="text/javascript"> window.addEventListener("message", function(evt) { var cpAction = && &&; var mutinyDidLoad = !!(window.mutiny && window.mutiny.client && window.mutiny.client.trackConversion); if (mutinyDidLoad && cpAction == "booking-confirmed") { window.mutiny.client.trackConversion({ name: "CP-booking-confirmed" }); } }, false); </script>

Note: the above script will track confirmed bookings in Chili Piper (meeting has been scheduled and confirmed). You can review other Chili Piper actions that are possible to track here under "Action Messages". If you would like to track another action, you simply need to change "booking-confirmed" to the action you want to track from Chili Piper's list of available Action Messages.

Step 6 - Click into "Triggering"

Step 7 - Click the blue + symbol in the upper right corner to add a new Trigger

Step 8 - Name your trigger and choose a "DOM Ready" trigger type

Step 9 - You can either leave your trigger to fire on all pages across the site, or only fire it on some DOM Ready events (likely on pages where you know Chili Piper is embedded)

Step 10 - Save your trigger and tag, preview your set up and launch! You should see Chili Piper conversions coming into Mutiny.

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