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Run account-based marketing campaigns at scale using Lists

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Account-based marketing (ABM) can be a highly effective program to partner on with sales. However, it can be difficult and time consuming to do at scale. Mutiny lets you easily organize People and Companies into Lists for seamless personalization at scale. In this articles we cover:

Importing people and companies

First, import the people and companies you want to target into Mutiny. You can leverage our native Salesforce integration or upload a CSV.

You can also combine Salesforce and CSVs for more advanced personalization. For example, Salesforce may contain all the basic information. But you may have additional information that you want to include in your campaigns (e.g. a recent event they attended). This turns Mutiny into a really powerful source of truth for your marketing team to power campaigns from.

After the initial import, any updates in Salesforce will be automatically synced in Mutiny. Additional CSV uploads can overwrite existing information (when using the same column name) or append new information (when using a new column name).

Building Lists

Lists can have People or Companies, but not both. You may want to run a campaign for companies in a specific industry (e.g. healthcare). Or you may want to target people with a similar title (e.g. VP Marketing). You can sync lists from Salesforce or create them in Mutiny.

Sync Lists from Salesforce

If you build and maintain your target account lists using Salesforce, then you can easily sync them in Mutiny. Go to Lists in the left sidebar, create a new List, and select Sync from...

You will see a list of your Salesforce Campaigns. Select the ones you want to be synced as Lists in Mutiny. If you don't see any, double check your Salesforce integration to ensure it is properly configured.

Create Lists in Mutiny

Go to Lists in the left sidebar, create a new List, and select Companies or People (depending on the type of campaign you want to run). You will see all the People or Companies synced from your CRM. You can quickly use search to find the ones you are interested in.

Launching campaigns from Lists

Go to Outbound and create a new campaign. You can select from any List you have created (or create a new one if none exist).

You can quickly resolve obvious data issues using Mutiny's automatic cleanup feature. You can leverage data synced from Salesforce or uploaded via CSV to personalize the campaigns you run. If you run into any formatting issues with data from Salesforce, see if there is a way to fix directly in Salesforce (e.g. currencies are only listed as raw numbers without commas or symbols). Otherwise, you can use CSVs for more control.

You can also sync the personalized links from your campaign back to Salesforce to power further email automation (e.g. including personalized 1-1 landing page in an outreach email to a prospect).

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