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Identifying what experience you are in
Identifying what experience you are in

How to understand if you are in the experiment or control version of the Mutiny test

Updated over a week ago

If you want to identify if you are in a Mutiny test, or see which version of the test that you qualify for you can type in functions into the developer console. To open the console, right click on the page and click inspect. Then open the console tab in the top right. Type in “Window.mutiny” and this will showcase an array, such as “{attached: true, client: D, visitor: {…}, experiences: Array(0), clientMode: 'default'}.” Press enter one more time and you can click to drop down the toggles to learn more. Click “experiences” to understand what experience(s) you’re in, it will populate the following information:

  • Audience segment

  • Experience

  • Impression type

  • Page

  • Variation key

  • Variation name

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