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How Mutiny Estimates Lift in the Editor
How Mutiny Estimates Lift in the Editor

Mutiny helps you understand the impact you have by leaning on other marketers' success. Here's how you can make sure we're accurate

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When you use Mutiny's editor, you may see lift estimates while editing your headlines, subheaders, and CTAs.

This is how Mutiny helps you understand the lift that you can get from personalizing different elements. Our calculations consider the type of page being personalized, the element being personalized, and the conversions that you care about. By clicking "Review & Get Started," you can confirm the values for these variables that we've identified in order to make sure the estimate is accurate.

We do our best to identify the type of page you're working on, but you can correct us if we didn't get it right. When you correct us, we'll remember your selection for this page in the future.

Similarly, if we haven't identified the correct element, you can tell us which element is the correct headline, subheader, or CTA in order to proceed. When correcting an element selection, we'll allow you to pick the element on your website that is the correct header, subheader, or CTA.

Lastly, you can adjust which conversions you care about for this experience. When you select your conversions, Mutiny will use the conversion categories that they have been mapped to in order to better understand the lift you can achieve. The conversion categories, in order of priority, are Sales Outreach Request, Paid Self-Serve signup, Self-Serve Upgrade, Free Signup, and Email Collected. When you select the conversions you want to track for this experience, we will use the highest priority conversion category that maps to one of the conversions you've selected. If you would like to adjust the categories that your conversions are mapped to, you can do so on the conversions page.

With a clear understanding of the type of page your personalizing and the element you're personalizing, we're able to compare your marketing materials to other marketers who have personalized similar pieces of content. The lift estimate that we show is an aggregate of the lift other marketers have experienced.

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